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I want to tell you about our REI Base Camp 6 Tent. We purchased it at REI.  My Dad has owned and returned more tents than you can imagine!    My Dad likes to set it up before a big storms just to see how strong it is! Sometimes I think he is crazy! He uses Figure-9’s  to make it nice and snug to the stakes.  He can put it up in about 10-12 minutes.  My Mom, Dad, Sister, two dogs, and I all fit without a problem. We put two cots up and two of us (usually me and Mom) sleep on the floor.  The vestibule is where the dogs sleep, and our shoes.  My Dad put the outside sheet on the ground or what he called the footprint, first.  He says that it helps the tent floor last longer.

Sleeping in this tent is better than a hotel room.  My dad rigs a battery operated fan on the ceiling straps.   It helps in moving the air from the ceiling vents when its really hot or when we want to leave the rain-fly on.  This is one of the tents we’ve had around for 4 years so its a good tent or my Grandma would say a “keeper”.

I also wanted to tell you a story about another REI tent that my dad bought when I was little, like 4 years old.  My dad set it up in the backyard in the fall (after mosquitoes die down)  so we could sleep outside under the stars on cool nights.   He didn’t secure it with the right stakes.   It blew across our yard and down the street through a corn stubbed field about a quarter mile away!  The farmer brought it back to us the next day. He said he saw it set up in our yard so he knew it belonged to us.  It didn’t have a rip or tear and the two poles were not broken! We love the quality of REI tents. We have owned  Cabela’s, REI,  Big AgnesKelty , and  Coleman brand tents. Big tents, little tents, cheap tents,  and the expensive ones, but REI tents have tested the best.

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