Keen Shoes for Kids

Keen shoes for boys

Hello its Jon

So my Mom & Dad took me to the doctor because my feet hurt. The doctor said its just growing pains and not to be concerned. My bones are growing faster than my tendons! Pretty scarey so I thought. Anyways the doctor also told  us to get a new pair of shoes with better arch support. My dad said that many parents don’t spent a lot on their kids shoes because the grow out of them so fast.  So I’m a size 5. its not easy finding a size 5 in an adventure shoe under $50.00 according to my Dad.

So I saw this cool looking pair of shoes with a different look than a normal shoe. Keen is the brand. My Dad has a pair and my Uncle Steve. They are so comfortable! My Dad bought me some fancy insoles to help with my arch they are called Superfeet. I still have some growing pains but my feet feel  much better now. My Dad also said that if I take good care of them we can sell them on Ebay and use the money to buy another pair in the next size.

If you decide to try them post a comment by clicking on the title above.

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