Why I bought a Savage Model: 93R17 BVSS

  My first gun was a .22 my Grandpa gave me that he won at the RMEF banquet. Grandpa always wins guns at the banquets. If he doesn’t win then he goes to another banquet! Anyways my Dad traded with my Uncle Gary for a “Beyond One Thousand, Canyon Crosser”. It is a Ruger No1 .300 Remington ultra Mag all beefed up. I wanted a gun just like it. My Dad said it was too much gun for me.  Matter of fact I could barely carry it! Well Christmas was right around the corner and Dad surprised me good.  My first Savage .17 HMR! It looked just like my Dads gun. This is a great gun for shooting targets, squirrels, ground hogs, and other small varmints. The trigger is adjustable so I can grow with the gun. Its a little heavy being stainless so we put a bi pod on it. My Dad purchased the gun at Gander Mountain. I plan on keeping this gun and giving it to my son some day.

If you want to try to win a gun like my Grandpa and also do something fun with the whole family for a good cause then check out this link.

Rock Mountain Elk Foundation

Good Luck!


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