Hiking the Cascade Trail

I was driving with my parents and my sister to Canada last summer, around Labor day, and hiked the Cascade River State Park.  It has 18 miles of trails. We were on our way to Thunder Bay, ON, Canada to check out some real estate for my mom’s work. It was the typical road trip you take with your parents when you play those car games like: I Spy, and then we go around the car naming candy bars until someone repeats one.  At that point we just do whatever we can to pass the time.  We were getting stir crazy and found this Minnesota State Park. I like Minnesota in that you just park off the side of the road and explore. This Park, in the pictures, was on the Northshore of Lake Superior.  So we pulled off of Hwy 61 and picked a short trail.  The weather was warm (I like it cool).  It was in the high seventies, but the water was icy cold!  We hiked over many bridges and saw a lot of cool waterfalls on the trail.  There were a lot of other hikers of all ages there too.  Some people brought their dogs.  One lady hiking by took our picture of this funky tree.  She was a school teacher and said that the tree’s weird tumor was because of a bug, and it was called something, but we can’t remember?? Please let us know if you know what it is really called.  She said the Indians did something with these trees special, too.  Anyway, the trails were not hard to walk and I think my great grandma could have hiked it.  It was a perfect stop for us to stretch our legs and see the water.  I want to go back and fly-fish it.  I didn’t fit any fly gear in our VW for this trip but will next time we drive to Canada.   If you have been there and would want to tell us you thoughts about the area, please do.













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