Are Spider Bites Dangerous?

It was June and I was at an overnight camp in Wisconsin.  We were all sleeping outside around the campfire. I must have rolled down to the bottom of the hill while I was sleeping. I felt itchy on my leg  I new something bit me. It was the size of a pimple to start, then it turned into a white head looking pimple. My Mom and Dad were not to concerned at this point about it,  so the next day My dad went off to work. He was about 2 hours from home when my Mom called him and said that the bite mark is getting bigger!

My Dad called a friend that worked at a hospital and he told him to take me to the emergency room right away!  We explained that there are many types of spider bites and that the  spider that bit me could be a very dangerous bite. So my Mom rushed me to Children’s Hospital.  Soon my Dad met us there. By this time the bite was the size of a silver dollar and was growing even bigger by the hour! We drew marks with a pen on my leg to track how big the bite was getting.  One of the concerns the doctor had was that it could have been a tick that was carrying Lyme’s disease. Remember, I was sleeping so I didn’t see what bit me. I cant remember the name of the medicine they gave me at the hospital but it started working.  The red area on my leg started to go back to normal in about 4 hours.

One of the concerns that my parents had was that I got bit by a Brown Recluse Spider.  This spider bite is usually more dangerous to kids and elderly.  I think it is important to research the area you live in and understand what type of  insects, reptiles, and animals could be dangerous.  I love to play in the creek by my house.  Last week I was almost bitten by a large snake! If you would like to post a similar experience on my post please do. Be safe camping this season.  I included a link for a spider/snake bite kit. My Dad bought this and keeps it in his glove box in the truck. He wanted to tell everyone that this is not an excuse for going to the emergency room its just an aid.Sawyer Extractor Professional Snake Bite & Insect Sting Kit




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