Camp Enota

Trout Pond at EnotaCamp Enota is the first campground with rental cabins that I have ever gone to in Georgia since I moved here.  This October we drove about 2 hours north of Atlanta to this campground near Helen, GA (a great place to tube in the summer).  We really enjoyed the location during this time of year because of the cool fall colors and temperatures.  I especially liked the big attraction at the campground, the 200 ft waterfall on the hiking path just above our cabin.  Our cabin was nice and it had a big fireplace.  It also had two rooms that slept 4 each with seperate electric heaters.  This was good because we shared the cabin with another family. The campground had a contest to find the Largest Leaf.  I was about a half inch too small of the winner.

The other cool thing about Camp Enota was the organic farm and the petting zoo.  We were a bit late for the harvest but we enjoyed the chickens, miniture ponies, goats, cows, and rabbits.  The owner of the campground was so nice.  She was very helpful and knew alot about health stuff.  We got a personal tour of the farm with a boy a bit older than me that worked at the farm as part of his Homeschooling program.  He is also wrote a book about organic farming.  I think he was really smart!

Now about the fishing….. Camp Enota has its very own Trout pond for guests.  You must pay for the trout you fish and you must keep the Trout you catch otherwise the trout do not survive after you touch them.  This pond was just outside the awesome lodge.  It was small but fun to practice a few flycasts in.  BTW, The lodge had a huge buffet on Sunday morning.  Only 2 miles away was a large stream where I threw in a few lines with our friends but had little success, only 2 small Bass and 1 Trout.  Our family’s friends brought their nephew, Vaugh,  with to Camp Enota, he had never fished before.  This was cool for me because I was able to teach him some of my fishing techniques.  Camp Enota is a place I’d like to visit in the summer so I can enjoy the water more and pitch a tent on creeksite.  Here’s the link to

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