Helen, Georgia Tubing Adventure

Helen, GA Streetvieew

Me and My Sister in the Town of Helen after tubing down the river.

Say, you want to have some fun this summer in Georgia?  Then you have to visit Helen, GA.  This is the place to go to get away from the heat of the summer in Georgia because when you go north there’s always a breeze and its actually higher elevation than the City of Atlanta and Macon.  Helen is a tourist town that looks like a European or Alpine town, but what is cool is that the Chattahoochee River runs through it.  Actually it kind of winds in and out of it.  When you drive up from the south follow the signs to the tubing places.  We go to the Cool River Tubing Company (Green Tubes) Hop on a bus to the north side of town for either a 2 hour or 1 hour float down the River. You can also get an all-day pass for $9 person.  They have a water slide option. You can bring your pet!

I recommend you bring a stick (we used a broom handle from home) or rent one from the Company to help you if you get stuck on a rock or just to help someone push off a rock or connect you together with your group.  Along the way you must look for the tree of “soles” and wave to the people in town at the pubs.  The water tubing will not be as fun if the water is low though.  This will force you to walk the big tubes down the river rather than float it. There are some rough rocky spots along the tubing adventure so wear old sneakers or water socks. NOT FUN!!  I didn’t notice any fish in the water but there are two or three places to jump off rock ledges into a deep holes.  Usually this spot is easily found by the people surrounding the ledge.  There are picnic areas and plenty of German restaurants and stuff in town that are walking distance from the drop off points.  So bring a change of clothes.  Oh yeah, If you are 12 years old or under you have to wear a life vest.

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