Indoor Shooting Ranges

Indoor Pistol Range

Jon, Mackenzie and Dad at the indoor shooting range.

We have no place to shoot or site in our guns at our new home in GA, because we live in a subdivision (not my choice!).  If you are like me you have to find an indoor/outdoor shooting range.  My dad and I have been scoping out nearby shooting ranges for a couple of months now.  Some have rifle ranges and others don’t, but for the pistol we like to visit the GA Firing Line on Canton Road.  They are about a mile from our front door.  They usually have open lanes and they also have guns to rent!  This is great because before you buy a gun you can test out one at there range. There are 10 pistol lanes and 2 rifle lanes. This place only has a 25 yard range limit though.  You can rent ear plugs and eye wear there too.  So its safe. It’s a place you can fit about 3-4 people in the lane comfortably (of course only one person shoots at a time).  There are also windows behind the range for visitors to watch people shoot and protect their ears.

So for a gift this year my Dad got me a 6 hour Sig Sauer Mosquito Semi Automatic Pistol .22 Caliber.  We had a lot of fun shooting this gun indoors.  It was a bit hard to cock the gun or pull back the trigger for the first-time.   Now that I am getting use to it its getting much easier.  We bought it at Bass Pro Shops in Lawrenceville, GA.  This was my first time purchasing a gun and it took about an hour to register it in my dad’s name.  I was really excited and wanted to shoot it the very same day.  This has been my favorite Christmas present so far.

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