North Captiva Island in Florida Gulf – Part 1, Getting There

I want to tell you about my awesome Thanksgiving trip to North Captiva Island in Florida.  It’s a trip that took about 6 days but it was so fun-filled that I have to split it into several parts.  Let me begin with just getting there because it was many first-time events for me and my sister.

Most the time I spend Thanksgiving in the North woods of WI or in IA with my Family. This year we adventured south for the first time. We drove 9 hours to Fort Meyers, FL and slept over night.  We got a Hilton room for only $49 through “Name Your Price” on Priceline’s Application on my Mom’s phone.  We drove about 45 minutes from Fort Meyers to Captiva Island on the Gulf Coast of Florida.  This was my first time seeing palm trees.  There was more humidity in the air than home and you could taste the salt water in the air.  Before we got to the island we had to stop at the grocery store because there are no stores on the island according to our friends.  We had to prepare ourselves for the 2-3 days we would be joining our friends at a beach house.  We also stopped at a local bait shop to get frozen shrimp and I needed stronger leader for sea fishing line.

We were hoping to get a water taxi for $30/person (Round Trip) to the island just north of Captiva, called North Captiva (its just west of Pine Island.)  We had no luck because most of the water taxi’s only run weekly.  (There is no bridge or cars on this island, only golf carts.)  If you charter a private boat its almost $250 one-way!  We just happened to be at one of the two big marinas in Captiva and a barefooted man overheard my mom asking about charters.  He said he could take us for $100.  We followed him to the docks and found his Sea Plane!  It was the coolest thing ever!  My sister and I sat in the back seat and my mom flew in front with the barefooted pilot.  We took off on the water and the flight only took about 10 minutes, but he flew us around a little longer and we were able to see the whole island.  Many people waved at us from the beach as we flew over.  It was fun flying at the birds on the water and tilting is the plane as it turned.  See the video I filmed from my Itouch.  Video of First Seaplane ride to North Captiva.

There was a nice man, he runs the grass runway/airport on the island, who got to the bay before our friends, the Nissley Family. He was so nice and offered to take us to our friends rental.  We felt like we were special.  Just as we were hopping in his cart our friends came to greet us with there dog, Toby.  Everyone was so friendly there.  It was a cool beginning to my first FL beach vacation ever.  How often does a kid get to be in a spot where there was no streets, just sandy paths in and around homes and beaches?  We saw cool things on the island so you should click on Part 2 of this Outdoor Adventure to read more about North Captiva Island in FL!

North West side of North Captiva Island, Florida

North Captiva Island view from the air!

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