About Jon

Jon was born in the year 2000.  Until recently, he was raised in the State of Wisconsin, enjoying the great “Recreation State” of the Midwest.  Both of his parent’s encouraged his love for nature as an infant and at toddler age, dragging him along (with his older sister) on their own outdoor adventures.  Dad loves to camp ,mountain bike, fish, and Mom is an equestrian (rides horses), so naturally they spend more time outdoors than in.  The greatest part of his family is that they found the awesomeness of God’s creation as close as in their own backyard.  A tent of any size can usually be found in the Owen’s back yard.  You never know when the weather would be just right for sleeping out under the stars, you know?  So you may as well keep the tent up year-round.

Jon’s Grandpa and 3 uncles are also avid hunters and fishermen.  They play a large role in educating him on all aspects of hunting and fishing around the world.  Here are some of their highlights:

  • They have hunted in 4 countries, and 2 continents.

    Trout from otto Creek in Egin, Iowa

  • They have operated bear hunting guided adventures
  • Guided in Alaska on horseback
  • Salmon fished in Alaska and the Great Lakes
  • Deep sea fished in FL
  • Boar hunted Tennessee
  • Bass anglers in Canada and the US
  • Killed animals in Colorado, Wyoming, Iowa, Dakotas, New Mexico,  and Wisconsin
  • Safari in multiple countries in Africa making the record books as Archers
  • Guided/hunted Mountain Lion and Elk in New Mexico
  • Members of the NRA
  • Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation (two chapters)
  • Ducks Unlimited
  • Safari Club International

His grandpa owns land in Northern Wisconsin, 600+ acres, in what is known as  “God Country”  and owns a large farm in Iowa.  This enables Jon to spend long weekends and sometimes weeks in the great outdoors.  One mile off the county road is their good ol’ deer camp.   Each year they spend time together planting deer plats, and filling bait piles for the bear, looking for Indian Artifacts and fossils, organizing drives, setting stands and cameras, and scoping out the herds and their habits.

In between seasons of prime hunting there is always a lake or river nearby to throw in a line.  When Jon was 8, he met an elder named Wayne who enjoyed fly fishing in his Grandpa’s pond.  After admiring his casts and watching him pull in fish he finally asked him to teach him how to fly fish.  His interest in fishing grew to a point where he spent hours learning how to tie his own flies with this man as a mentor.  He has learn techniques and processes to catch fish with a fly rod on the famous Root River during the salmon run and is always exploring using items of nature to build a perfect fly, such as feathers from his very own chickens and pheasant that his uncles have shared with him.   Jon feels if you can’t fish or hunt,  then its all about the gear.  Prepping, packing, cleaning, adjusting, inventing or simply testing what’s new, old, good or bad.  That’s why Jon has a site that focuses on the stuff that makes the outdoors more or less enjoyable.   Because he just simply loves the outdoors.  Jon currently resides in Georgia.  If you ask him what city, he’ll just tell you it’s near a Chattanooga River , NOT in the city.