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A Good Spinning Reel

Published on September 25, 2011 By Jonathan

This is one of my favorite spinning reels. Its the Pflueger President XT. It very smooth and reliable. My Dad has the Pflueger Supreme. One time he need to send it in for service. He told me that Pflueger has great customer service and that they stand behind there product. I’m hard on my fishing […]

Keen Shoes for Kids

Published on September 3, 2011 By Jonathan

Hello its Jon So my Mom & Dad took me to the doctor because my feet hurt. The doctor said its just growing pains and not to be concerned. My bones are growing faster than my tendons! Pretty scarey so I thought. Anyways the doctor also told  us to get a new pair of shoes […]

Buying a Tent

Published on September 3, 2011 By Jonathan

Hey Jon here I want to tell you about our REI Base Camp 6 Tent. We purchased it at REI.  My Dad has owned and returned more tents than you can imagine!    My Dad likes to set it up before a big storms just to see how strong it is! Sometimes I think he […]